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Griminal Mental Meltdown

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Don't speak to me. I'm not doing this for attention. This is my last tweet.

You don't know.

They ganna say I'm depressed or mentally ill.

Last thing I wanna say before I go, when I go is sorry. To everything. And everyone.

I let everyone down. Sorry.

Don't come to my funeral.

This is what happens. Stay away from everything. I'm going now.

I've tried everything. EVERYTHING. I'm tired. Death is next. Literally and/or metaphorically.

People like my face but my mind body and SOUL is FUCKED

Love to all my real friends, I'm sorry I let you down

I'm sorry, but don't try help me. Devils got me.

Don't see me in the street and say anything to me

I'm not living anyway, if I go. People will get over it. Piss off. Oi, spyros got my hard drive. My last work is on there.

I'm not britney spears

I tried so hard

I'm not reading your @'s

I'm scared how I'll die, but fuck it. When I go I go innit. BRUV EVERYTHING AROUND ME IS FUCKED

Everyone who ever diss me was right, that's why I deserve to die. Think I'm shook of death? I don't care.

I'm not reading your tweets. I've thought about every single possible thing in the world. I'm fucked, truss me.

I tried my hardest. I swear I did.

So much for pr, eventually someone will take my phone or sutm. I'm ganna stop cause I don't wanna spread negativity.

I'll die soon. Don't give me attention. I'm sorry.

I'm gone. The last pure me is on YouTube when I was 16/17. I sold my soul after then.

I fucked up. No way out. Devil has my soul.

Leave me alone.

It's real so...

I'm not scared anymore.

Death must be better than this. I'm sorry to everyone who believed in me. I know I'm embarrassing myself. I'm sorry.

Don't worry about me, truss.

No more music from me. Truth is, I can't do it anymore. Like what people want. I can't. I don't have the talent, patients or resources.

This is what people want from me, they wanna see me fucked up. Well you won. If you don't like me. You won.

Just another story of a guy who goes off his head really. Sorry again.

I sold my soul. Don't come near me. I'm negative. The devil is real.

Don't say anything to me. I'm sorry. That's it.

Everyone who doubted me was right. I am fucked up and stupid. But still safe.

Fuck music, fuck everything. Apologies to my mum and my dad and the fans. And my aunt.

I don't mind dying. Thinking about suicide but I'm shook.



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dunno who he is, but it's regrettable he's having a meltdown for all to see


kinda reminds me of that other guy who took a pic of himself with a gun in hand and tears running down his face


then he added a filter...



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bmt i dont think griminal has d faculties for what i just read


least i hope not

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