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They just going through a rough patch in their relationship

Famm stop asking questions.   Just holla me when you're in brum   gonna run your mouth at me, take me for a d*ck, then want my word on some honor among thieves shit     gtfho

You don't learn anything in life if you don't experience it, if you're stupid enough to throw money at a women in order to make her your wife then that's a lesson you need to sit through imo.


throwing salt on chicks gaming guys is no different to chicks setting up sites about how this guy is a player. Like frank said aslong as it ain't one of my boys...



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:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:


hold tight all the sheiks tho


greezy ass nigars


my bredrin was telling me they roll around with a minimum of 3 chicks whilst crusing around the shopping centres in their grandad scooters


apparently they never que up for anything, if they come through you have to give them way


the way these man roll around like their some Gods makes hell in the afterlife 110% believable

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