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Dumbest/Most Corrupt youngsters from my ends

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Leytonstone stabbings: Four drug dealers guilty of double murder

_81447616_campbelljonesbernardhassan.jpg(Clockwise from top left) Devonte Campbell, Casey Jones, Alex Bernard and Omar Hassan were found guilty of two counts of murder

Four gang members have been found guilty of ambushing two rival drug dealers and stabbing them to death to steal their clients. 

Aaron Carriere, 21, and Josiah Manful, 20, were stabbed 24 times in under a minute, the Old Bailey heard.

The two men were "lured" to a road in Leytonstone, east London, in the early hours of 1 March 2014.

Devonte Campbell, Casey Jones, Alex Bernard and Omar Hassan were found guilty of two counts of murder.

The two victims were "boxed in" by the cars of their killers and set upon in their black Ford Fiesta in Montague Road, the court heard.

The court heard the defendants had been "working as a team" to "lure" the two young men into a trap and kill them.

Despite the fact there were drugs and cash in the car, only Mr Carriere's mobile phone was stolen which contained his drug dealing "client list".

_81447617_81451143.jpgAaron Carriere and Josiah Manful were stabbed 24 times in under a minute
_81451148_73300915.jpgThe two victims were lured to Montague Road, Leytonstone, by their attackers

Mr Carriere was a "successful drugs dealer", selling crack cocaine, heroin and cannabis on the streets of Leytonstone and, unbeknown to him, was the subject of an undercover police probe.

Campbell, 20; Jones, 19; Bernard, 21; and Hassan, 21; all from east London, had denied the charges. 

At the time of the killings Campbell, a known gang member, was serving a suspended jail sentence for perverting the course of justice.

Wail Alawi, 23; Abraar Amin, 18; and a 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also from east London, were cleared of murder.


now the story has come out on the murderers….know all these lot from ends *not on a personal deeper level*.


I mean…i knew these yewts wasn't smart, I could tell by the way they used to move and conduct themselves…but when did they think this would be a good idea? i mean..ROBBING someone for their food…cool…makes sense..but murdering in such a bait way for a phone book of their kittens? ….like come on now. 2 sons murdered and more sons doing double life…at the cost of being "Top Shotta on ends"

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Bro I'm not gna lie I don't know what ur  talking about.   Pls tell me more about your opinion  

i just dont understand why there's any wonder why people who sing they will dip this and that, run up and end him and them befall the same style of death themselves.  you put it out in the univer



came literally a year or so after my man got stabbed


i know some girl from Cathall that knew this Josiah yout very well- she was in pieces last week.


Apparently he was a wrong un still 


live by gun die by gun and all that

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Showed the pic of them and the disturbing boat guy to my workmate, he said ''all their faces remind me of people that used to bully me in school, but now all work in tescos, and not even a god tesco, tesco express''


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Not topic worthy

Subject matter doesn't offer anything other than giving people like John Doe the opportunity to post disparaging comments about people they don't know due to the anonymity the internet affords them

Should be locked TBF

my post would resonate with an ex con like yourself currently or previously involved in that gang lifestyle 


c/s not topic worthy 


we should have a hood death thread and just bang all these stories in there

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