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Dumbest/Most Corrupt youngsters from my ends

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Bro I'm not gna lie I don't know what ur  talking about.   Pls tell me more about your opinion  

i just dont understand why there's any wonder why people who sing they will dip this and that, run up and end him and them befall the same style of death themselves.  you put it out in the univer

some sick guy

this is why the only time i've been in pembury estate was by accident/was unaware of where i was

Na na na

That's not Pembury bro

Looks like the one by well st

It's the flats across the road from the new Cardinal Pole school

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What a deviant. 





Two schoolboys were forced to shoplift, fight and perform sex acts on each other by a teenager who made them get off a bus by claiming to have a knife, police said.

The two boys, aged under 16, were approached by an unidentified male teenager on the top deck of a bus departing from Brixton, London, just before 8pm yesterday.


He forced the pair off the route 133 bus in Elephant and Castle after claiming he had a knife and led them to a park in Newington Butts, where he made them steal from a nearby shop and fight each other.


The pair where then taken to the stairwell of a block of flats in Walworth, where police said he forced one of the boys to perform a sex act on another before walking away in an unknown direction. 



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