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Dumbest/Most Corrupt youngsters from my ends

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Bro I'm not gna lie I don't know what ur  talking about.   Pls tell me more about your opinion  

i just dont understand why there's any wonder why people who sing they will dip this and that, run up and end him and them befall the same style of death themselves.  you put it out in the univer


not as bad a loss as Maniac


thought maniacs was out 



means nothing now

guy was lost at his peak, when he was the best in the scene, guy was above some big dubstep heads even, could have been the guy bring the dubstep fans into grime


i mean listen to this and you can't say that half of these commercial dubstep heads were better

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to him yeah, but to the scene he's irrelevant now

that potential he had is gone

and its not like most of these guys who don't manage to capitalise on their talent

man went and threw it away because he got convinced that having a kid was going to ruin his life

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no empathy from me b

Rap fans are funny.


Rap is entertainment, same as Hollywood and wrestling. As well as rock music and heavy metal.

So please tell us more.



Cause we're hypocrites.


But i forget you're not black or from inner city London, so you probably see these lads in the same way as racist white used to see the minstrel show.

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