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What Trainers Ya Feeling?

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That take this wax sealed letter to Pope Clement and tell him Henry demands a divorce from Catherine of Aragon drop there.

cheez   drop that with the ajax away shirt spillers

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I personally don't do it. 

Its an Ego thing. if I see something I like. I will admire it and keep it moving. Unless its a good friend sporting it.

Majority of the people that ask you 'where you got it from' don't even try to get it.

I also find it rude when random people ask' you how much'.


Some dude asked me where I got my jordans from and price the other day on the tube. Then he goes into the history of his Jordan collection. How he owns all the classics and what not. Just kept yapping on.

I am like' yea? yeah cool.... coool.  until I got of my stop.

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happens to me often

one guy stopped me when i was leaving the hospital with my nan

The situation's mad awkward. Some American stopped me in Camden and asked to buy my jacket for 500, nearly triple what I paid for it. Told him to jog on, then the jacket ripped the next week. That burnt...


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