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Frank White

price history

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is there a site that can tell u the price something was wen it first came out


for example if i typed in nokia 3310 it would tell me hw much it was brand new on release day


google didn't help

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type in how much was nokia 3310 in 2002


im sure something will come up


ye but i want a website



Don't know how far back its tracked though.


this is only products on amazon but safe

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I don't know if there's a website, couldn't see from a quick search. I think the problem with something like this is that there isn't an api that could get you at a point where you have what you describe. You would have to do a lot of up front research work to get anywhere near as much data as you would need to launch something like this. That's why anyone searching for this type of website, would've only come across the various amazon price tracker sites that tap into amazon's api. 
I don't know if there would be enough interest to spend all that time finding out the price of random stuff over the last couple of decades. I doubt it. But Maybe there is. Who knows? 
It would actually be mostly a data entry task if you could get your hands on brochures from high street retailers to cover the timespan required.

Hmm maybe it is worth doing.

you can sometimes answer the question each time by finding the answer through google.

I'm sad enough to have one of the Carphone Warehouse brochures from Xmas 2000 and the prices are on PAYG:

Nokia 3210 - Fresh £99.99, BT Cellnet £69.99, Orange £79.99, Vodafone £79.99

Nokia 3310 - Fresh £114.99, BT Cellnet £99.99, Orange £99.99, One2One £99.99


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Money Watcher showed you up tbh, this isn't hard information to procure if you take a smart approach.


Research skills>>>

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