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rios in kentish town

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booyyyyyyyyyyyyy   so i was in camden yesterday evening.. drinks with one sore ting from pof.. dead chemistry, everytime i looked at her she got even more clapped so i was just backing the lagers do

story was ringing off in my head just now looool had to buss the 1arda for the VIP2 dons

MOC from this would unlock powers of teleportation

that is truly f*cked


having an STD in your mother f*cking MOUTH

Men don't realise the chicks that will suck anyone's d*ck are contaminated with fuck knows what? Bodily fluid is bodily fluid. Boy if man want to risk it then cool...not me
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Just use Dove soap it'll clear that up in 48 hours.

Rah so you would risk an std to get head from a slag?

What are people expecting in a place like that?

If I was in a place like that I'd expect consequences such as an STD.

That's what I am saying

You deserve to catch every STD avaliable

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To be honest I have heard of this Rios establishment but never attended I don’t do these Party’s and Gangbang’s.

Let me put it this way if you fancy a quick shag and you are not fussy go for it. But 19 out of 20 times the women will be overweight and clapped. The calibre of women actually repulse me then they want you to pay silly money so you can nut. That is why I have never had an interest in that just from the pictures you know what time it is. You are better off going to a club and drawing down a ting spend a bit of cash on her drinks in the club or if that is long for you go to a brass. Still better than going to one of them party’s gangbangs.

The only party club night’s worth attending are couple nights because you have sexually appealing women in attendance.

It’s all good getting an extra girl with your girl that is winning. Allot of men fail to do due diligence when going this route though, you may be winning doesn’t mean your girl does not want to win also. Go on a website like fab swingers you will see a host of women in relationship’s and married but what that extra cocky on the side often BBC, and majority of the time it was their partner who showed them that lifestyle. Remember you got guy’s like Tyrone who pump iron majority of the week and then destroy pum pum on the weekend. Do not for one second fool yourself in thinking that the females in relationships do not want some of that to be long d*cked and pounded in a way hubby at home can’t. It’s a slippery slope, plus you have creeps like this on the prowl



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