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NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)


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Guest babatundestacks

Probably the most interesting one on there.

Probably because hes had so much passa.

Hes come a long way with regards to how he articulates himself but its a shame he aint dropped anything recently.

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Guest babatundestacks


In before 2fresh posts his video in response to dot rotten beef.

'I Tony yayo'd him


When Dot was talking about all the ends he's lived in I was thinking about him being banished by the B.C.M. :lol:




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sick interview


mad when he spoke about the labels video idea for overload.


The Wiley section was interesting, i always wondered why he disliked him from way back.  

It's like he built himself up to work with Wiley, similar to the notion of a child looking out his window, waiting for his father to arrive but he never turns up. 





also he gets ratings for beatin cleo

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