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NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)

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That's what I mean. I don't think it's a harsh view.

That other version of this same format being discussed (forget the name). Those kids aren't doing anything special and I could be critical/harsh of their production as I've worked in that field. But they have enough self respect to cover the basics and for the most part the interviews I've seen them do, they did a good job.

Posty and these man are taking the piss and should really be embarrassed of the content they're putting out there. And that's not being hArsh at all.

I see what you're saying but I'll give you a more personal example.

You might have worn a sweater or hoody today, if you turn it inside out you'll more than likely see the seams have been overlocked.

The 0.001% of the world that buy haute couture clothes would never be caught dead in any clothes finished like that inside.

That doesn't enter your consideration when you buy clothes I bet, because when it comes to clothes you are a laymen. (I'm guessing)

When it comes to videos you are knowledgeable, but 99% of people watching are laymen and don't care about the esoteric features of a product they are consuming.

The content for them is enough, upto a point.

The fact you remember nftr and not the other people's names and the fact nftr have a thread and the other guys don't kinda tells the reality.

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You're a big man moving like some 16yo girl from bucks smh

young bape rubbing his hands    young bape rubbing his hands like birdman right now

The mics are a mess, I agree it's poor.

Once in a while you can let it slide, but they are prolific with it and GRM daily been putting out content for years and feel they at the place where they can try charge me 3 bills a week to advertise on their website... Come on.

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Bro thats a poor anology. Nobody is seeing the seems on the garms. Everyone with two ears can hear the awful audio levels on the video. You dont need and passion or knowledge to know the mic setup is a mess.

Again I swear you used to make beats.

Show your grandparents that video and more than likely they will just watch and tell you the guy has done well with his venture.

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J2K was/is never a dead mc, just before his time.


He released heat in the streets, which was mainly Hip Hop but before UK Hip Hop took off and it was sick. 


Granted sounding like Wiley didnt help


He is more an Artist like Mad Vybez said where i think he benefits from putting out bodies of work rather than the grime formula of working musically. 

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How the hell did J2k know what he was doing from a scientific point of view though?

That's what I wanna know

Di research

Pretty sure he woulda jus liscended out an existing yank product n rebranded it for the UK

He ain't in the lab playing with puddle water

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