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Memphis Depay

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You know what I like so much about the Sports Room

The way topics change directions

No wonder why I couldn't find this quote

Sterling is at the same level as Memphis Depay

Sterling is no way near Neymar

About outside of that group

You probably think Coutinho is better than Isco(same age 1992)


Have you watched Depay?

Technically he is a level below Sterling.

Sterling has performed in a much better league.

Never thought Coutinho is better than Isco, although i don't think a great deal seperates them.

Isco is actually my favourite player from that generation above Pogba and Neymar.

I am surprised because you rate Coutinho so highly.

Isco might be your favourite player of that generation but there are levels.

I have seen Depay a lot

I think he is any guy who has got a powerful shot

Cannot beat a guy

No football brain

Any guy

Man Utd need to steer clear of this guy let him go Tottenham if anything Wiljandum is the superior footballer

I must acknowledge you have always rated Wiljandum but it was a crime when you said he was as talented as Neymar

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Keep lying to yourself


Let the kid live , writing man off before not even half a season under Robotnik Snr.

I write him off way before he got here ???

There are quoted somewhere

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Ghanaian excellence



He's more of a goal threat than Young and will hopefully keep him on the bench so I'm happy.



if he starts well in the first home game he will get that adnan love when doing bullshit


if he doesnt he will get groaned and booed and be rooneys bitch boy




He's more of a goal threat than Young and will hopefully keep him on the bench so I'm happy.

fully agreed with




Hes a good player, perfect for pl really, a bit stiff but CR is his role model.




Southampton manager Ronald Koeman has suggested that £25million Manchester United signing Memphis Depay may prove to be overpriced after missing out on signing the Dutch international.

United finalised a move for PSV Eindhoven star Depay last month but manager Louis van Gaal admitted they were rushed into the deal by interest show by mega-rich Paris Saint-Germain.

And Koeman says that the £25m fee is 'a lot of money' for someone that he cannot see playing in every game for United next season in a transitional phase from the Dutch Eredivisie.


'I think they paid a lot of money,' Saint boss Koeman said of the Depay deal. 'Because it is United, where they already spent £200m on players like Angel di Maria, such a big figure is put in perspective.

'He won't play every game. I have learnt, while I am here in England, that Dutch players can't make the jump to the top of the Premier League easily. And young players can't play 38 games anyway.

'If you pay millions for Di Maria, who hardly plays, if you pay a fortune in wages and rent fee for (loanee) Radamel Falcao, who never plays, then £25m is not a lot of money for them.'


Koeman also revealed that he tried to sign the 21-year-old this time last year but that the move was rebuffed before Saints were simply blown away by United's spending power this time around.

'My brother Erwin has the same agent, so we tried to bring him to Southampton, but he wanted to stay for one more year at PSV,'



^^^^ This got negged



I think Memphis will do it big.

Memphis will be better than hazard. Would bet money on that.



We will see lads


We will see



Most people are hyped off the goal he scored in World Cup.

Proper overrated.



Not premier league quality im afraid



Looking real dusty atm




Of course, but not really see anything as yet thats makes me think he's gonna be a problem.


Keep em coming guys 


Cannot wait till he starts banging in the PL , cannot wait.


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Sterling is having the same season as Depay

Sterling: 9 goals, 3 assists

Depay: 4 goals, 0 assists.

Those stats are false

and in terms of impact vs expectation they are having the same season

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