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Season Recap/Summertime Wishes

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How do you feel about our season?

Happy with how it ended under one season of LvG?

Who would you like to see come in or go out?

Prospects for [ice]Mechanical Era[/ice] season 2?

Me personally the were a few bright spots... More shitty spots. Losing on opening day. Losing to Leicester. 3 losses in a row to Chelsea, Everton and WBA all but killing our chances of third. Getting BODIED by MK Dons Lolsmh.

62 goals scored Smh. We all know I think the team is hella dry. Rooney top scorer with like 14 goals. SMH.

Honestly not sure if we improved that much to finish 3 places higher or if the league got shitter.

New striker please. No Cavani. Some quality in midfield. Quality in defence and a new GK if David does go. AKA quality everywhere or I forsee another lackluster season for 15/16.

How about you guys?

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A new cb a leader

Luke shaw staying fit. New rb as Valencia isn't good enough

Di Maria given a run of games

A goal scoring creative cm is a necessity too

We know Rooney wont get dropped but we need another cf. sell chica and maybe rvp

Ur right we were so painful to watch at times reminiscent of moyes boys, considering money spent we havnt improved much tbh

Obv we got depay next seas and i believe he will beast, keep nani and give him game time too

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experienced right back

Right footed holding player

Cavani or someone similar

3 new center backs

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happy we got 4th


but when you look at this yrs & last yrs final table there aint much differance


other teams where just more shit this yr tbh

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