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Ruben Loftus-Cheek

Mame Biram Diouf

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Jose Mourinho has revealed his relationship with Ruben Loftus-Cheek has taken a ‘step back’ after his display against Sydney FC.
Mourinho took the 19-year-old off after just 28 minutes as he struggled to make an impression during the friendly match.
The Chelsea boss warned the starlet he needs to improve now he is playing with the first-team not the Under-18s.
"So, with Ruben, it’s one step back in terms of my relationship with him. If he doesn’t know what it is to play for me and Chelsea it’s one step back," Mourinho said.
"He has to learn that at 19 you have to run three times more than the others, you have to play to your limits and not play like a superstar with the ball at your feet because this is not Under-18s.
"The Under-18 competition is too easy for him. He’s too good to play in the Under-18s but I don’t accept that when he’s playing in midfield with Mikel and Matic when we don’t have the ball he doesn’t press, doesn’t have intensity and he’s waiting for everybody else to recover the ball.
"I don’t accept that in the superstars so how can I accept that in a kid? He has to learn what it takes to play for us."


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Calculated criticism

Doesnt matter how he played

Jose using this as an excuse to ship him out next year after saying he would be in the squad

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Dont see what the issue is tbh.


Mourinho knows what hes doing, making sure Rueben keeps his feet on the ground.


For this reason you wont see Rueben smoking cigars in club showers and getting knocked out under his kitchen table on camera.

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nothing story if it was any other manager


But its not any other manager. It is the man in charge of a club with one of the best youth academies in England over the last few years who is notorious for not bringing through young players. 


At the moment it's a nothing story, what is there to expand on? Either it will work wonders like it did with Hazard, or it's push him out the door and he can continue his career happily elsewhere like De Bruyne. He's obviously got a style of management and play in force that requires his charges to be on their game 100% of the time. I don;t see the issue here.

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Every young player gets sent for by their manager at some point. Usually when their responsibility increases




Must be easy to find quotes with a sample size as big as 'every young player'.

lukaku,sterling,januzaj,sturridge,wilshere,lucas moura etc

Have all been mentioned at different times by their manager

Its more common them u think. Im sure theres more examples

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Guy has to earn the right to have tactical freedom.

How many top clubs allow freedom outside of the specified patterns of play?

How many top managers, in fact just any normal manager comes out and criticises a youth player after a performance in a friendly?



Not saying its right,


He should know what Jose expects from his players though. Jose don't want a maverick. He needs to adapt to Chelsea's robotic style.

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The words appear to have hit home. “Yes, I listened to what the manager said and I wasn’t at the level I need to do better, and I need to do better if I want to play for Chelsea,” said Loftus-Cheek. “For me that is a reminder that I have to work hard to get in the team.”


“Hopefully I just need to have a good pre-season,” said Loftus-Cheek. “I want to work really hard. Chelsea is always hard to break into but I believe in myself and if I work hard then hopefully things will go well.”




Done well when he came on yesterday.

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