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The Staircase (2004) - Documentary

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In 2001, Michael Peterson made a 911 call that would launch one of the most stunning and complex trials of our times. Devastated that his wife had fallen to her death in their North Carolina mansion, he was utterly shocked when the District Attorney arrested him for murder. According to friends and family, the marriage of Michael and Kathleen Peterson had been a loving, wonderful relationship. But as investigators found her body lying in a sea of blood, they suspected all was not right.




I don't know if it has been mentioned before but several people have talking about this in the last few months, prob around the time after the Robert Durst doc came out. Watched the first 3 eps so far and would def recommend it if you were into the durst stuff.


Used to be on youtube apparently but its been taken down. Managed to find some dl links though









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if its anything like the durst one ill enjoy it,

Will check it out. Pos

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Yeah think the second series is like a 10 years later thing.


I only just finished the first. Love when you have absolutely no idea of how things will pan out. Obv the filming/editing wasn't as great as the durst eps but still v good. Need to find more stuff like this. Got bored too quick of the Serial podcast cos I was listening to it almost back to back.

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Yeh i found it on Kodi but the VCR type quality pissed me off so i turned it off straight away, ill prob give it a watch when i have the patience.

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