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Transfers (Out)

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Who needs the boot then?








Cleverly (is he still on our books)





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i think Henriquez is going already



yeah think i saw that.



This guy was banging in goals on loan ,@ Zagreb  but still Looked worthy of cup matches leading to match day sub

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Lets be realistic selling players that dont play doesnt improve your team

The squad will have to be replenished with improvement.

Unblocking the youth is an improvement

Avoiding any temptation to play Evans is improvement.

Reducing the wage bill from players that don't play is an improvement

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Janko joins Celtic on a 4 Year Deal

Bolton first team coach on him

‘He did well enough for us,’ Parker told Sportsmail. ‘He wasn’t really getting a look-in at Manchester United so he came on loan to us and got a few games under his belt and it worked fine for both parties.

‘I’m sure he could go up to Scotland and do well, too. You have to remember that he’s only 19 so there’s huge room for improvement.

‘I think this is a big season for him. He’s still got lots to prove. I hope the lad does well. But he’s got to push himself and make sure he’s playing every week somewhere.

‘Without being unkind, I don’t think he’s going to break through at Manchester United so he’s got to be looking at where he can get regular football.

‘Celtic, with the possibility of Champions League football, is obviously a fantastic opportunity for him.

Janko must decide his next move if his future lies at Manchester United

‘He needs someone to give him a chance. He enjoyed his time at Bolton because he was getting games so it’s important for him that he doesn’t now just go back to playing reserve football.’

Although Janko is nominally listed as a defender, Parker immediately viewed him as a player whose strengths would be better used further up the field.

Were Celtic to follow up their interest, Parker feels Ronny Deila would take the same view.

‘He’s very direct, strong and quick,’ he added. ‘I wouldn’t say he’s full of tricks but he can certainly shift and that naturally causes defenders a lot of problems.

‘We played him as a wide player although I think he sees himself as a full-back.

‘We just thought his attributes were more those of a forward-going player. I wasn’t so sure about him defensively, if I’m being honest.

‘He is capable of doing something out of the ordinary. He scored one really memorable goal against Fulham.

‘But at the moment I would say a new club is mainly looking at potential.

‘Maybe Celtic feel they can work on him and bring him in and out of the side. I’ d say that would be a good move for him.

‘One thing I would say is he’s a really good boy to have in the dressing room. We had absolutely no problems with him.’

Wish him all the best!

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After not having been hired back from Manchester United by Real Madrid, Mexican international forward Javier Chicharito Hernandez (27) is getting more and more tempted to accept the rich offer coming from MLS side Orlando City. The player is still tracked by Inter, Southampton, West Ham and Wolfsburg as well.

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We're so shit at selling

Fucking gave Hernandez to real instead of shifting him for £15mill. Now no one wants him except the mls

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There's a rumour going about that the reason we seem to be taking long to sign players is because Adidas don't want new signings being paraded in the Nike utd shirt.. So come Aug 1st we should start seeing some transfers....

All a rumour but who knows

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