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The BETA Thread.

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haven't received one yet....must be my ALPHA male status *applause* thankyou....thankyou...thankyou im here all week, have a good night!

Thought it might be worth having a topic for any time any of these BETA tests pop up that we can sign up for.     Rainbow Six | Seige   http://rainbow6.ubi.com/siege/en-gb/beta/index.aspx

STREET FIGHTER V BETA ENROLL   https://psnbeta.eu.playstation.com/SFV/enroll.php

Pos for the Dark Souls link. Need 4 Speed has some nice graphics, quite liking how they have made the story as a movie with real life actors and then it seamlessly blends straight into the game . Customization is on point as always with these games too.

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the game is atmospheric and feels just like star wars


the visuals, the sounds >>>>>



but after a few hours of play the game is really shallow. There is no depth to the combat at all.


I was really hoping it would lean more towards the battlefield side with classes etc


plus power ups for vehicles is shit


dying whilst calling in a vehicle and losing the token is shit

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Think they are trying to make it more accessible to people who wanted normally play a fps. No recoil when hip firing at all, blasters feel the same as each other etc.

All the fun is in getting vehicles and pick ups, but once that novelty wears off it will probably get boring. Depends what the other game modes are like.

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This is Star Wars, how you gonna talk about there being no recoil when your firing some Futuristic Lazer Weapon lol I've not played the BETA anywhere near as much as I should have. Like the game though, just get that feeling I normally get with Dice games where I feel like my own contribution isn't that important. I'm definitely torn at the minute, I don't need a bunch of shooters. Was gonna return to COD this year, now Rainbow Six feels the nicest to me but I'm a big Star Wars Fan as well.

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