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Paul Massey

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See you, you're a next likkle dustbag. Sitting there typing fuckery with pounded yam on your fingers. Wash your face.

My man accidentally posted his work assignment on vip2 instead of emailing it to his superior officer

African man got shit down ever so quickly Pounded yam on his fingers ya na Bdbdjdjjdmdjdjcjvjjvjfjfjfjdjndj Fuck this elelemen guy tho Just does bare internet research and comes on di forums pos

Been mad sticky up there for a piece, a few weeks ago there were 3 shootings in 24hrs, one linked to it was in a car wash in Wigan around where I live

Few weeks before that shotgun rounds went through a yard in Wigan, day before another in Salford

Been odd really

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He is said to have been loved and hated in equal measure.


Paul Massey may have spent time in prison for stabbing a man in the groin in a nightclub but within hours of his death one friend described him on Twitter as "a true gentleman". Someone else clearly didn't agree.



The scene of the deadly shooting in Salford


The 55-year-old, once described by a local councillor as "Salford's Mr Big", was shot dead outside his home in the city in a cold-blooded and targeted attack.

Police were called at 7.30pm on Sunday after reports of shots being fired at a house on Manchester Road in Salford's Clifton area.


Detective Superintendent Russ Jackson of Greater Manchester Police said: "People will understandably be alarmed when they hear about this incident, which we believe was a targeted attack.


"We are actively following a number of lines of enquiry.

"I would urge the local community to come forward if they saw or heard anything in the area... I want to stress that any information received will be treated in the strictest confidence."


Mr Massey had long been a notorious figure and was well-known to the police.

In 1999, he was jailed for 14 years for the nightclub stabbing. He was extradited after fleeing to Amsterdam.


After being released he was again arrested by police on suspicion of money laundering but was released without charge. He claimed to have been the victim of a witch-hunt.


The following year he stood in Salford's first mayoral elections promising if elected to take the job unpaid promising to be "the voice of the people". He finished seventh out of ten candidates, receiving less than 5% of the poll.


As police vehicles blocked traffic outside his home on the main A666 road today, fears of a revenge attack were growing. Manchester's Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd appealed for calm saying: "As horrendous as this most certainly is, the police will be working to make sure that ordinary members of the public can go about their business with a proper sense of security.


"Clearly no-one wants to see any further retaliation.

"The right answer for this is for people to come forward and help the police to arrest those who are responsible - because that's what will put a stop to guns in Salford."


The shooting raises fears of a surge in gun crime in Manchester.

After achieving much success in trying to rid the city of it's "Gunchester" tag armed crime has seen a significant rise so far this year and feuding between rival gangs appears to have escalated. 

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Let me guess your best friends cousin knows him as well yeah

go n lick out ur grandmothers smelly anus 



Don't get drawn out, bare d*ckheads on here.


He was in the Faces book by Bernard O'Mahoney, I've heard of him. Probably one of the biggest deaths in Manchester since Dessie Noonan got stabbed.


VIPers like to refer to the 'mad white guys' up North, but they don't know names.  When Mark Duggan got shot certain man heard about the Noonans for the first time. Manchester and Liverpool is where the real big boys operate, that's facts.


If it ain't IRA/Loyalist money bringing in big drug loads, it's guns (that get used for works up North then sold down South to little dustmites in London) - and bullets smuggled out to be sold by dodgy quartermasters.


London ain't half as bad as it thinks it is.




Dale Cregan with the Glock 18 extendo?



...and the grenades?





Don't want to say R.I.P. as I don't know what life he lead, or why he got topped but condolences to his family. Seemed like a stand-up 'face'.



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yeah I did read your post full of assumptions that's why I laughed


Or did you just project your own defensiveness/pride?

Stop being proud of dust, you dustmite. White people sell us guns and we go nuts - don't think any big, name brand strap in this country hasn't been fingered by a Turk, Albo or Asian or, God forbid,  some Gary from Essex or Kent before the street-level dust gets access.


My point is these lot are doing a whole heap of madness and earn millions before they end up dead on their gated driveways.


Dustmites in London post snapchats with prestige .357s in response to getting 'finessed'. 


Meanwhile up North:





White socially awkward nerds have links for the Glock extendo...?

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Shut your filthy mouth u twat, wtf why are you talking about snapchat

And what you basically meant to say in a nutshell is black people get it last... Which again lmao

It's 2015 you f*cking mug not 1990 anymore


You're raging now because I nailed you. You're strangely proud of the mixture of violence and savagery, you like the fact that people in your city run around with weapons from CoD?



never knew the thread was gona be up north vs darn sarff


lol  :D


See how these lot stay? :lol:

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