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Black British role models


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As a counteraction to the bounty topic who can name black Britons who have contributed positively to Britain and the image of black Britains. Before this topic gets silly am actually hoping to learn something through this as admittedly outside oof sport and media I am struggling for names. I was going to go John Barnes but as he was born in Jamaica it would be cheating.



Got alot of time for Idris in no small part because he is extremely good at what he does and continues to push boundaries. Just comes across as a real dude and good representation.

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John barnes ain't no role model

He opened a lot of doors football wise and had to put up with a lot of sh*t. Let his feet do the talking.

Black English football icon. Yes

But he is not a role model. Them youngers and current players ain't watching barnes videos back to back saying 'yeah' I want to be like him.

Off the pitch, He ain't really saying much either.Wifey wise and the dusty rap he kicked back in the day ain't inspiring the dons on the come up on sbtv and co.

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Smfh. The only question on Barnes is if he's truly British (cos he wasn't born here) but of course Barnes is a black role model.

IMO blacks born or living in England before 1990 support Liverpool cos of Barnes. Like wise the reason my club Arsenal must be the most black supported club in London I put down to Rocky Rocastle, Paul Davis, Michael Thomas, Gus Caesar, Viv Anderson and then the 90s babies have the near all non-White team Wenger had running during The Invincibles era.

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There are plenty of black British role models, just they ain't universal, like Idris is certified cos he's gone in a popular field. But I would like to think a young kid that's wants to act thinks Chiwetel Ejiofor, Aml Ameen, David Oyelowo, Ashley Walters our positive role models/motivation for them.

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Doing something postive

Partner matches their origin

so if you're black being with someone half black still qualifies or how much of a percentage is acceptable?

Black=Black or Mixed only

White=White or Mixed only

Mixed=Black or White or Mixed only


would black Caribbean and black African qualify?

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