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Beast Of No Nation (Idris Elba)

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I watch Beast of no Nation last week at LFF.


Really good film and would recommend.


It is a filmed back by Netflix and even though its hitting the cinemas it is also going to be playing on Netflix from tomorrow as well. As a GQ articled stated its not a Netflix & Chill kind of film.  





What’s it about?

In an unnamed west African nation, a civil war rages. When troops kill his father and brother in their hometown, young Agu flees into the bush where he is taken under the wing of the commandant, the charismatic adult leader of a detachment of rebel soldiers all around Agu’s age. Joining their bloody campaign, Agu survives by learning to fight and learning to kill, one of his country’s rising number of child soldiers.

Who made it?

Cary Fukunaga shot to prominence with his 2009 debut Sin nombre, a stirring thriller about a young Honduran woman and Mexican gang member attempting to cross the border into the US. He followed that with an acclaimed adaptation of Jane Eyre (starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender). But his most notable success was on television, as the director of all eight episodes of the first series of True Detective. 

What’s special about it?

Adapted by Nigerian writer Uzodinma Iweala’s 2005 novel, this is a harrowing chronicle of the bloody experiences of a young child soldier. Following Agu (Abraham Attah, in a performance that combines childhood resilience and fragility) with his comrades as they march towards the capital, it is a necessarily disturbing picture. Fukunaga never shies from the consequences of the violence, but throughout the young soldiers movingly remain victims, their vulnerability cruelly exploited by the adult military, indoctrinated into war games of gruelling brutality. At its centre is a performance of monstrous charisma by Idris Elba as the kids’ all-powerful commandant. It’s among Elba’s finest turns yet, and Beast of No Nation confirms Fukunaga as one of the most exciting directors in the US today.


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sick flim 


surprised to see guys speaking in twi 


never had a problemns with child soldier in Ghana then i relaised it wass probably one of the safest places in Afftown to shoot such a film 



lol @ idris' aff accent 

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