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Notting Hill Carnival / Bank Holiday Weekend

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also hold tight the somalian don who found my phone on the train, picked up when i called and patiently waited half an hour for me to come get it.. had to drop him a 50 for that, brand new s7 you know

454 arrests. majority being drugs related. had glastonbury or leeds festival had searches of this scale there'd be thousands of arrests 1 million people across 2 days with 454 arrests. drop in th

why didnt your family stay in your caves in afghanistan drinking goats milk?

I don't want to be anywhere near Rampage. Too many f*cking people i'm on a calm vibes


Haven't been to Rampage in years for the same reason.


Best option is to stick to the top half of the carnival map so anywhere north of Golborne Road. Less hype and a more mature crowd compared to the areas around Rampage. There should be another house sound system off Kensal Road. 'SSP' around the corner from Sancho Panza is worth checking out. The lineup changes every year but 'Back to 95' was there a few years ago and it was sick so I always pass by there to see what it's saying. 'Rough but sweet x Rinse FM' is around the corner from Trellick Tower.

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