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Notting Hill Carnival / Bank Holiday Weekend

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Gotta be the only time i condone violence in carnival but man should have got bottled/rushed for this


Why beat him up though? If he wants to to be an attention seeking d*ckhead and make a foolish spectacle of himself, leave him be. Unless his literally bothering you, just get on with your carnival. And enjoy the females about.

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also hold tight the somalian don who found my phone on the train, picked up when i called and patiently waited half an hour for me to come get it.. had to drop him a 50 for that, brand new s7 you know

454 arrests. majority being drugs related. had glastonbury or leeds festival had searches of this scale there'd be thousands of arrests 1 million people across 2 days with 454 arrests. drop in th

why didnt your family stay in your caves in afghanistan drinking goats milk?




windrush spill




Drops not bawsy brah



Just know from that drop man ain't from London



Can u imagine a man sitting behind his computer in that cardi talking smack?




some shepherds drop tbh



Stop whining

Man dont have to rate your boog cardi f*ck bwai




:lmao: :lmao:  classic shit

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Making my way home now. Was live as expected. Only thing I didn't like is that 8pm the music had to be locked off. Only made it to westbourne park road. About half the route didn't get done because of it.

Too many gyal. Had a thoroughly good two days.

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For 1 I started off the post with "not really a clothes guy" so to keep bringing up that picture like I was acting like a king pin is boring tbh

Cardigan banged still.. Thought you'd understand now Iv seen couple you man in the gym thread, when you got size you can pull anything off .. Cardigan hanging off the shoulders with a fresh white T.. Casual wear, not my fault there was a £500 minimum rating process although it was 50/50 anyway so stop bringing it up like I got roasted

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First time I have gone in 18 years was live.

Went with my boy met his French link down there just jamming with these French african guys and rastas

just blazing so much weed was fun dancing following the floats. One of the Jamacian guys was jokes got us in Brixton because he said it would be live place was dead.

Way home girl started talking to me on the train. My bredrins link got involved in the conversation and wanted to fight the girl  

so madness on the tube trying to seperate these girls both black one light one dark and just hurling insults about each others complexions FFS.

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