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Where is North West London


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is it east tho?


maybe if there was a north east postcode

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On 8/25/2015 at 1:35 PM, Admin. said:

The thing in london is that west, north west, east, central and north are all technically north london.

Anything the other side of the river is south but the same doesnt apply for the north side of the river.

With thw argument you man are supplying is that areas like acton and forrest gate are north london too.

Yeah years ago if it was North of the river and not central London it was Middlesex and south of the river it was all Surrey. 


Hence why Lords is Middlesex Cricket Club and the Oval is Surrey Cricket Club 

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1 hour ago, Tee said:

if your from hackney you will always say your from east dont matter if your N1 or N16 most will just say hackney tho

sayin that some on the borders will say north but id say that just down to where they roll tbh   

this is kind of true 

most people from n16 ive noticed will euither say there from hackney , then when pressed where in hackney will then say stokie


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