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The Infamous

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Januzaj did already this season

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Dno about that 1


In the last ten years or so bar Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney 8, Saha and maybe Nani I can't think of or remember someone who could score or did score a goal like that

IMO I think Januzaj/Perriera have got the ability to score a goal like that.

Memphis as well , just needs time.



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11 career goals


12 career goals

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Its actually fucked though.


Look @ his stats before United. Very deceiving.  I saw him Vs Arsenal and 1 or 2 league games  and thought he had something but never like this.


Then 2 give him number 9 , spend 30m+ and Louis calls him the best of his age , Crazy.


Never shoots outside the box even when he is CLEAR on goal. 


Not just a 1 - 2 striker , can make something out of nothing.


Early days ofc


But that 25 goal clause will be paid to Monaco before Rooney scores 25.



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When i see him at the mestalla in the cl he was doing bits

Had a sick assist

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