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The Dave Thread (@SantanDave1)

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Dave got next.



There is almost no-one rapping as real as this in this country his age, I swear - he's 16! No autotune, no unnecessary fronting.



Watch from 11 mins. You will not be disappointed. Completely outshone his peers in the [email protected] cypher.


"Them d*ckheads don't believe me, this rap scene needs me/

My teachers weren't surprised they said this music ting's easy/

From when I spoke about my dad and Miss Wildson used to cry/

I put my soul in my rhymes, I never do this for the hype/


"Blades pushing thru-tees (fruity) now brudda watch your man-go"

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Boring, look if I want to hear some dude preach to people through his music   i'll just go church or something.

J Hus >>>>>>> Dave

I like that tequila track. But yeah co sign ice.  he is boring.  Engineered for those Neo-back packing, New balance wearing, Shoreditch residing, vegan burger eating, only wear foreign club jerse

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