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New show in the works for Fox.


Fast & Furious and Sleepy Hollow alumni are working on a new telly version of The A-Team, for FOX...

In 2010, a crack commando unit got a film reboot from a studio that didn’t bother to continue with the franchise. Today, they survive as soldiers of fortune, and have been rebooted once more for the televisual realm. If you have a free evening, if no other show will do, and if you can find them.... maybe you will watch, The A-Team.

Indulgent intros aside, we’ll get to the point – FOX is developing a new TV version of The A-Team.

Sleepy Hollow writer Albert Kim is currently working on a script, and Tawnia McKiernan - daughter of the original series’ co-creator Stephen J. Cannell – has been lined up as a producer. Additionally, Chris Morgan – who has been heavily involved in the Fast & Furious film series – is also on board as a producer.

Deadline reports that Mr Morgan has rejigged the established origins of the team somewhat. This time, The A-Team will be ex-Special Forces soldiers on a quest to hunt down a black-ops organisation, the people who framed them for a crime that – of course – they didn’t commit.

Is it just us, or does that sound like a network-mandated tactic to give the gang a season-long arc rather than a string of unrelated adventures? Maybe we’re just being cynical.

We’ll bring you more as it happens.



Love it when a plan comes together.

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