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Tony Blair

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Real daems don't serve time for war crimes.


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hes pre empting chilcot


this man has no soul everything he does is calculated


this sh*t is chess not chequersss


needs its own thread ... chilcott will be a human bonfire when it is realised provided it isn't white washed


make the thread boss

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Yeah a US memo leaked that revealed that Blair was all for military action a whole year beforehand despite him pretending that he was all for peace and weapons checks.



Sir John Chilcot is facing renewed pressure over his inquiry into the Iraq war following the emergence of a leaked White House memo that appears to proveTony Blair backed military action a year before seeking a vote in parliament.

The document shows a contrast between Blair’s public position in early 2002 that he was not proposing military action and the private opinion of the US that the British prime minister would “follow our lead”.


The White House memo for former president George W Bush says: “On Iraq, Blair will be with us should military operations be necessary. He is convinced on two points; the threat is real; and success against Saddam will yield more regional success.”

The note from Colin Powell, the former US secretary of state, in March 2002 tells Bush that Blair would “present to you the strategic, tactical and public affairs lines that he believes will strengthen global support for our common cause”.


It added that Blair had the presentational skills to “make a credible public case on current Iraqi threats to international peace”.

The note, obtained by the Mail on Sunday, was written before the famous Crawford summit between Bush and Blair, who has always denied the two countries were on an unstoppable path to war at that point. There were however contemporary newspaper reports that Blair had decided war in Iraq was inevitable.

At the time, Blair said: “This is a matter for considering all the options. We’re not proposing military action at this point in time.”


Sir Christopher Meyer, a former British ambassador to the US, told the Chilcot inquiry that he was not present at the meeting and therefore “not entirely clear to this day ... what degree of convergence was, if you like, signed in blood at the Crawford ranch”.

It comes as Chilcot continues to avoid setting a final deadline for the publication of his long-awaited report into the war.

Alex Salmond, the SNP’s foreign affairs spokesman and Scotland’s former first minister, said “the net was now closing” around Blair and added to concern over Chilcot’s conduct.


“The memo contradicts claims from Mr Blair that all that time he had been seeking diplomatic ways to avoid an invasion. It also adds weight to the evidence given by Sir Christopher Meyer, the former UK ambassador to the United States – to the Chilcot inquiry – that the military timetable and preparation for invasion took precedence over any diplomacy and specifically over the timetable for the weapons inspectors led by Hans Blix,” Salmond said.

“The Chilcot inquiry has still to be published and these revelations will need to be looked at very seriously.

“The inquiry was demanded because people wanted answers, yet six years and £10m later we still have nothing – and the evidence against Blair is piling up.’’



Blair f*cked up majorly though I never knew his then 14yr old daughter tried to commit suicide because everyone was calling her dad a lair. Our entire press and media didn't report the story at the time, which shows you how amazingly controlled our press is. 

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Went for a walk, didn't come back home.




^ Went for a walk, had a heart attack with his rumoured-to-be MI5 second wife, and died.




^ Walked to the tube station while the UK was on some bullshit 'Amber Alert' and got dropped before he made it to his destination by a nameless Police slaughterman.


How many more people can you lot name that are dead indirectly or directly because this guy Tony Blair lied to everyone? The definition of a demon. Filthy c*nt, him and Jack Straw deserve nothing but gunshots and brimstone - I hope they have AK-47s in Hell. The world changed so much in our lifetime - to think I was actually excited that Tony Blair was elected as a fucking TWELVE YEAR OLD. This guy sold the nation a dream and then delivered a nightmare.

Horribly brilliant politician - he had so much potential and he sold it.

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