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NBA 2017-2018


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57 minutes ago, gattsu said:

What cavs need is a elite defender, jr smith is a black hole


Think 4-2 GS though

Game 2 0pts 0ast 2reb


Last year he defended OK which helped overall because he is only a scorer... But stats like this... Then Lue confirms he's starting Game 3 SMH.


Out there with 4man on the court... And Kyrie supposedly is hiding an injury. Not looking good for Lebron

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I don't want to admit it but I think this is a sweep, can't even ask for more from lebron and Kyrie

Broom time unless lebron or Kyrie goes for something stupid like 60


It's fucked by cause it don't even matter if one or two warriors have a off night, got enough man that can light it up any second





We said this at this exact same time last year


One can hope


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We did... But Steph was injured. Green got suspended. And they didn't have KD.


I'm bringing out the Nimbus 3000 for this sweep job lol.


KD Finals MvP.


I dunno who beats GS for a long time.

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15 minutes ago, Kuffir said:

if cavs aint locked in from the off it's ova by half time

hopefully they force a game 5 for lebrons legacy (in the eyes of his detractors) and so gsw fans can see em win it at home



Cavs ML at 2.9 ???


tempted to let the ting off ??

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20 minutes ago, Rsonist said:

Think the Cavs will be mentally fucked after what happened in Game 3

This could be over by HT

KD is on a different planet atm


this golden state team is unfair tbh

imagine never being able to double curry or kd smh

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Lebron high energy + Kyrie Hugh energy = a chance.


A slim one... But a chance all the same. This is the best player in the world we are talking about here.


That KD addition though. Amazing. Warriors could dominate for the next 3-5 years easily.

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