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NBA 2017-2018


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Still don't see em touching GS but they will defo be joining em in the Western finals. 


Especially if they get Melo. Guy is the anti-baller imo. PG on the other hand. Guy NEEDS a team like this. 


CP3/Di Beard/PG13>>>>>>>>CP3/Di Beard/Melo

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Wolves would be a force with KAT, Kyrie and Jimmy Buckets but i think Kyrie wants to be THE man which kinda rules that out.

I could see Philly but the early soundbites seem to be Miami or the Knicks if Cleveland still wanna push through a trade for Melo, but the latter apparently has set his heart on the Rockets, which imo would be a disaster with Harden and CP3 already there.

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philly would be in pg overload with kyrie

seeing the timberwolves referred to as jimmy butlers team makes me throw up in my mouth

kyrie should go to NY where he can restore the myth of the "new york city point guard" and hoop with porzingis

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Prior to last season, Irving never averaged over 25 points per game, but it’s clear he could do it on a near-nightly basis if need be. Irving is a first-team All-NBA talent receiving a third-team All-NBA workload.

i dont think the writer intended it as i see it but that phrase is telling

kyrie is obviously talented but the attention lebron demands has made his life so much easier.

will be interesting still

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