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Jose Mourinho


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Is he worth it for 1 league title and a champions league semi final

Surely he will leave the club in a worse situation then Moyes

Or will he finally build a 2nd team

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Going to be heartbreak for you lot when Utd confirm the full backing of LVG.


Regardless , It wouldn't be the end of the world if Jose came in. Im sure he will be briefed about his behaviour and will get the odd let off but ultimately he will have to blood in youth and not drag our club name into madness. At least Louis respects his opponents.


What i can see happening is more losses to the point where we replace mid season leaving us with only one man available now to turn to.



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What do you think of him becoming your manager?

Three negative managers following Sir Alex


It's been 2 and a half years since I've enjoyed watching my team play football. After a whole lifetime of success and exciting teams.

That's unlikely to change under Jose but at least we would probably be a real threat under him which we haven't been since SAF left(minus a small portion of this season).

What I know is if we take him, whatever small chance there was of getting Pep is gone.

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