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Jose Mourinho


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What do you think of him becoming your manager?

Three negative managers following Sir Alex


It's been 2 and a half years since I've enjoyed watching my team play football. After a whole lifetime of success and exciting teams.

That's unlikely to change under Jose but at least we would probably be a real threat under him which we haven't been since SAF left(minus a small portion of this season).

What I know is if we take him, whatever small chance there was of getting Pep is gone.

It's best if Giggs is appointed as interim until the end of season because much more talented coaches than Mourinho will become available in the summer

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United played shit football under fergie tho


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1 title in 4 seasons and a bunch of semi finals lol

Them winners there

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The way I'm feeling now I just want LVG out asap and for Giggs to get some experience somewhere else cause I wouldn't be confident in him getting us into the top 4 if he was in charge until the end of the season.


Ideal choice would obviously be Pep but we can't risk waiting for him for the reasons stated above.


Mourinho is capable of playing attacking football. The problem is after he gets humbled(e.g. Spurs 5-3 Chelsea) he only cares about results and starts grindin' like a young Pusha T.



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Personally i only fault lvg for not figuring out yet that these english and french etc... lads are brainless and cant pull off what he wants

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