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Jose Mourinho


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A reluctance to sell players down the years has affected the quality of United’s squad, which is now catching up with them

ByJosh Gmerek-Iftakhar

Posted on July 28, 2018



In the modern era of football, a single summer transfer window holds the potential to either make or break a club’s season and at the moment, Manchester United seem to be heading for the latter.

Transfer windows wouldn’t be the same for United fans without all the stress, gossip and speculation but this current transfer window doesn’t appear to be heading for a happy ending. Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, recruitment at Old Trafford has ultimately been an extreme case of either hit or miss and despite a combined spending of over £500 million, United still long for their 21st league title.

Despite the majority of United’s transfer activity being dominated by potential recruits, one major downfall of the club can alternatively be highlighted through the significant lack of departures seen at Old Trafford across the last few years. Despite Jose Mourinho’s recent comments, regarding Louis Van Gaal’s poor signings, the Portuguese has only offloaded four of these players in now nearly five transfer windows.

The reluctance to sell certain ‘deadwood’ players is significantly hurting United’s current squad, which is full of depth but not necessarily star quality. The decision not to offload multiple players at once is however not out of the ordinary, as United have never really been regarded as a ‘selling club.’ The only major departure from the club so far this season has been Daley Blind, a player whose presence on the field will not be solely missed, after making just seven league appearances last season.

There is however notably other similar players to Blind in the squad, who can certainly offer satisfactory services, but not necessarily manage to take a game by storm. The incapability to upgrade such players has subsequently hurt the quality of United’s squad, which is currently in need of a revamp, if they are to challenge for the title next season.

With deadline day quickly approaching, United have however let limited time to complete such efficient business and departures are now looking very unlikely. The current condition of United’s squad can not however be blamed solely on this one singular window, but instead, through a culmination of poor investment and lack of sales. There is quite clearly some underlying issues with the hierarchy at the club, problems that will need to be amended if United are going to achieve that highly desired 21st title.





Sunday 20 March 2016 City 0 - 1 United



1 manager has done an excellent job of clearing the deadwood and upgrading his squad in 2 years, the other will still be relying on some of the deadwood this upcoming season, smh. 

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On 5/26/2016 at 6:00 PM, JOHN DOE said:

Wonder how things would be now if we had got him instead of moyes


On 5/26/2016 at 6:24 PM, O Fenomeno said:

It would of been the end of his 3rd season


You would of won a league title 

He would of sacked by now and left the next manager clearing up his mess.


On 7/5/2016 at 11:55 AM, Seydou said:


This should be fun.

3 seasons.

Some trophies.

Expensive transfers.

Crazy press conferences.


On 7/5/2016 at 12:55 PM, Lieutenant said:

My hopes are up. That's the best news I've heard in a long long time.


On 7/25/2016 at 4:17 PM, Admin. said:

Started to crack already

first says hes not been able to have a pre season because certain players are away even tho its only really zlatan and he gave him the extra time off

gets tucked in vs dortmund and complains that united vs city should not be a friendly and the game can only be played at old trafford/etihad/wembley final

then cancels said friendly with the weakest get out clause even though city were fine to play



On 7/28/2016 at 5:27 PM, O Fenomeno said:

-Mensah, Paddy McNair, Tyler Blackett, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Andreas Pereira, Adnan Januzaj, Will Keane and James Wilson can all leave Manchester United.

All booted out 


On 7/28/2016 at 6:22 PM, Fresh said:

These times quarter of that list recently signed new contracts 

Ice u forget to switch accounts?

?? so much hope

On 11/23/2016 at 11:18 AM, FA23 said:

Says he needs 2 more windows to fix united :rofl:


On 11/23/2016 at 11:35 AM, Heero Yuy said:

so basically around half a bill :lmao:

any FM 2000 guy who goes into the editor and starts with a 500m transfer budget.


Well done lads



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Sergio Romero is injured. Diogo Dalot is injured. Antonio Valencia is injured. Nemanja Matic is injured. Chris Smalling is injured. Luke Shaw is injured. Marcos Rojo is injured. Ander Herrera is injured. Eric Bailly is injured. It is like that The Day Today pool supervisor tale but it is no laughing matter for Jose Mourinho.

There is a variant, too: Ashley Young is on holiday. Jesse Lingard is on holiday. Romelu Lukaku is on holiday. Marouane Fellaini is on holiday. Paul Pogba is on holiday. But Marcus Rashford and Phil Jones aren't on holiday. They've answered the call.

"I just hope that the boys that are on deserved holidays, they take care about themselves a little bit and I hope that somebody wants to do what Rashford and Phil Jones decide to do," Jose Mourinho said on MUTV. "Which is to be back a little bit earlier to try to help the team because for the beginning of the season we are going to be in trouble."









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He's said some valid things tbh. However he general demeanor and perceived conduct to players now and previously have him working from a negative starting point. 


The rift between him and Woodward and was reported a while ago in certain places and is getting clearer all the time. 


From when he complained about the structure of pre season previously and the constant long traveling during the campaign only for the same thing to happen again... 

2 signings? 3 if you count Grant.... In a summer where a big gap needs to be bridged... 


I'm no fan of the man at all but he has made valid points but can't get anywhere with the club as the primary focus isn't football. 

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He wants to sign a bunch of 30 year olds for 60m+ 

players that will need to be replaced in 2 seasons that would want 4/5 year deals

woodward is right this time

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If Woodward doesn't like the way Mourinho builds teams or his ethos in the game he should pull the plug. 

Better yet; he should've never appointed him. 

There is no point looking at the situation now and acting surprised that this is Mourinho's M.O.

Unless of course Woodward is completely inept and in that case they should both go...... 


The main thing is they're different in their focus. 



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On 7/29/2018 at 10:20 PM, The King said:

The martial comments were bang out of order

his kid was 2 days old ffs

Mourinho is a d*ckhead. Fuck him, the law allows for the 2 weeks so expect him to fucking take it.... does it show that mourinho has been a shit dad?

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I can see where the board are coming from considering with the squad hes got and the amount hes spent hes underachieved but at the same time this man is a serial winner whos method has worked time and time again and he should be backed.

Whilst we were totally blown away by city last year we were still second ahead of the likes of pool,spurs,arsenal and chelsea. For me all we need is two or three more top class signings and some better man management for us to win the title.

Also people need to stop using older players as a stick to  bash mourinho with simply because you have an agenda against him.

Its these players with experience that helps us win trophies.

Through our most succesful periods weve had important players that were older

 keane,ferdinand,scholes,van der saar,stam,dwight yorke,bruce etc.

Last time we won the champions league our starting 11 consisted of three 27 year olds a 28 year old,a 29 year old,a 33 year old and a 47 year old.

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Older players have a lot smaller resale value. 


I think it was Gill who said that would have a huge impact on players bought in. I can't see the inflation in fee's not further strengthening this ethos. 


Should back the manager or get rid. As the way its looking now; this season could be problematic. With that said, Spurs haven't hugely improved. Arsenal and Chelsea same tbh. 


They're happy with top 4 so will bank on that. At least Mourinho despite all his other repugnant traits wants to win things... 

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