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Jose Mourinho


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Lvg making a mockery of utd

How so?

It's pure xenophobia. Moyes faced nothing like the speculation and abuse that Van Gaal has had, especially in the last two weeks. His results and performances were worse. His press conferences were worse. Yet he still has some parts of the media now saying he should still be in the job. Even though he has been sacked elsewhere since.

Really do hope he can turn this around

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He's spent more money than moyes, has better players than moyes, arguably a squad he's had more time to build than moyes, and more time to implement his ideas than moyes. Moyes got it easier because everyone wanted to see a young British manager do well at a top club.


LVG is supposed to be a top coach who is barely doing better than the last inexperienced guy before him.


fuck him.

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Moyes inherited a title winning team.

Van Gaal inherited a team whose confidence had been shattered that finished in 7th place.

We got CL football in his first season.

We was 1st only four weeks ago. Since then we have had 10 injuries. He has got rid of a lot of dead wood.

He has improved Smalling massively, Shaw started the season well. Blind had something good going with Smalling. Kept De Gea. Given some young players a chance.

But I can't condone not getting the most out of Di Maria, keeping Fellaini and Rooney.

No manager is going to get it perfect. Some of the performances have been dreadful. However it is a 3 year plan. We are joint 4th while playing the worst football in the league.

So he doesn't deserve all this outrage by fans and the media. They are still bitter he took over from Moyes and they no longer get leaked news like they did under Dave.

I take the piss out of the word all the time but it is a process. Maybe he will flop, maybe he won't. But to be publishing covers like that is an absolute disgrace.

Why don't they do one for Rooney and his poor output? Like I said this) it's pure xenophobia.

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C/s Bape

People love to throw around this 250 mill figure

Net spend it is about 150

Shaw >> Replaced Evra who left for free

Rojo >> Replacement for Vidic/Ferdinand who left for free

Darmian >> Replacement for injury prone Rafael

Blind/Schneiderlin/Herrera/Schweinsteiger >>> We hadn't signed a cm for 5 years before Fellaini came under Moyes

Martial >>>> Welbeck, RVP, Falcao, Hernández all went

Depay >>> Nani sold

So it's not like he has just signed guys for the sake of it. It's been in vital areas. Yet we still need more players (cb, dlp, 2 wingers and a striker)

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Moyes came into the job knowing fuck all about handling a top team, completely untried and untested at the top level. 


Van Gaal has players under performing, the team playing badly, knocked out of a easy CL group, results being dead aswell.


and he wonders why the media are gunning him? lol. Meanwhile Rafa is winning games at Real and still getting booed and gunned by the media.


Top jobs comes with this type of pressure, it's a result business. Jose won the league and got fired less than half way through a season. Those are the levels, only Fergie and Wenger have that eternal bly.


as for the players only Maritial, shaw, Morgan have been convincing signing. Rojo seems eternally injured and Darmian isn't better than the guy he replaced. The rest of them players are only rated by United fans which says everything.


lol @ all the attackers moved on





Wilson (loan)


Leaving Rooney as the only recognizable striker is as much bad management as anything i've seen. (Maritial is far from the 20-30 goal striker required atm) 

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LVG needs to ask his boss why the media are circling like sharks round him but didn't with Moyes. 

Its not just Xenophobia, even though that plays a part.


Same way Moyes should ask his former Boss why the media were informed of his sacking before he was.


LVG should also ask his players some questions. 


Finally he needs to start on a plan to turn things around. 

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