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Jose Mourinho


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Talk gk

tall rb


tall cb

quick lb

strong dm



footballer (rooney lol)

Martial if he learns to track back

target man


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1 hour ago, Mame Biram Diouf said:

Has a manager ever changed his ways mid career? 


Ie gone from risk adverse football, aiming for 1-0 wins  and playing no youth to playing attacking football, playing youth and wanting to smash teams while entertaining the fans? 


(Yes you can do the latter and win trophies before the Mourinho fanclub logs on) 

SAF varied all of the above in different seasons.

We Leicestered the ting before Leicester, handed out licks for a decade and then SAF was influenced by none other than Jose himself into playing a highly disciplined way.

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5 hours ago, Zizouz said:

get the feeling after the first presser he's gonna become the biggest villain to cfc fans

looking forward to the heel turn

Said the same thing to my bro lol

gna drop the I've always wanted this, biggest club in England etc etc 

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1 minute ago, Young £ said:

Said the same thing to my bro lol

gna drop the I've always wanted this, biggest club in England etc etc 

think it might be more subtle like

'At United, I can dream of signing a Muller or a Zlatan. I never used to be able to.' :lol: 

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2 hours ago, TF S4DK said:

I just hope Man Utd dont try tell him he can't war...

Cos Wenger and Pep's involvment means he has to WAR.

He just has too... Then Conte too :rofl:

Fuck, it's Eskimo Dance in the Premier League next year...

Lol told u 

mr he won't be able to chat shit to wenger anymore cause he's been sacked lmao

hes gna win the league again, before he does that's for sure, whilst maintaining his disrespectful record and mr failure bars

lol ahh I can't wait 





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3 minutes ago, Anderson said:

This kind of comments just sums chelsea/mourinho fans up really

Weve had years of winning major trophies on the foundation of bringing through young players and playing 'exciting' football. Literally years of it. And the combination of those two things is what we like and what we want more of.

Chelsea/mourinho fans just dont get it and its purely because Chelsea on the other hand had years of nothing. Absolutely fuck all apart from the odd coca cola cup. So when mourinho came in and wins them a couple of leagues, he doesnt need to bring through youngsters or play exciting football. Because why would he? Hes won stuff for chelsea they aint ever won before/for years so youre over the moon with just winning.

Were united. Were wayyyy better than that. Tryna take united for chelsea. We want to win, but we want to win with exciting attacking football. Bar possibly his first 2 seasons at chelsea there is little to no evidence that mourinho will bring that to united. And this is why a lot of fans arent buzzing. Let alone the pathetic shit that comes as part of the mourinho package. 

Fucking hell la.


How's that attacking football been going for you these post Fergie years? 


So Madrid weren't a brilliant attacking team under Mourinho nah? Stop rewriting history cause it suits your argument. 


Imagine thinking winding up every other team in the league is pathetic shit. 



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Which attacking coach would imagine putting Pepe in a triple pivot in CL semi final?


The guy is so bait 


He will start the season saying the right words 


Plays free flowing football for a month then he will get smashed and revert to type eg playing shit on stick football which involves a back four with two former wingers converted into wing backs add a double pivot also with a CF told to perform two roles CF as well as LM.


Summer 2010-Spring 2013 was the worst time to be alive

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