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so had a little bump ting on my car


turning right and the car which just passed decides to reverse????



so hes like sorry brother sorry brother - lets not go through insurers etc..... im like sexxx



so we get a quote from donny about the scratch and indented door bump and he says all in around 270


so hes tryna haggle the mechanic saying 'brother i know people who can do all in £130'


im like i havent got time to be driving around and stuff - im doing it at this one


so the mechanic agrees around £220


man gives me £250 cash




fast forward today, i get a missed call thinking dafuq number is this...



then he texs me saying 'oh brother i think i gave you £30 extra, can i give it back to him'






















































































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texted me today around 11am


he musta had a lightbulb moment



but i remember when he handed it to me i remember it being £30 more...



couldnt drive off any quicker




i was like






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