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Football Contract Leaks


Ozils Leaked, £38m deal


Football whistle blowers Football Leaks have reportedly uncovered some huge news regarding Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal contract by revealing that the German international has a buy-back clause in his deal.

Most English sources have reported that Ozil joined the Gunners in a £42.4million deal back in 2013, however, the true details have since been revealed over the true cost.

It now seems that Arsenal stumped up an initial fee €44 million, which is adorned with another €6 million fee (paid in six €1 million instalments) for every season up to six years that Arsenal qualify for the Champions League with Ozil in their squad. And based on the current currency exchange, that’s worked out at £38 million.


However, perhaps the biggest story in the deal is the buy-back clause Madrid have installed should he ever opt to move on from North London.

Real will have 48 hours to act upon their first refusal or else Arsenal will have free reign to sell him to whoever they please.

But even if Real don’t make a move to bring him back, they will still stand to earn an impressive 33% of any sell on fee that Arsenal receive for his signature.




& Falcao > Chelsea. Purchase fee of €50m :lol:



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The option clauses are only if he joins  or wants to join another Spanish clubs. So only 1, maybe 2 clubs...


Plus pointless doing conversions on the fee, as its paid in parts and the exchange rate changes by the minute, We paid 44m Euros, potentionally 50m.




I just wanna know who Svenja Geissmar is lol.

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VDV > Spurs €10.5

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This ones interesting because of Kias involvement. Guy got 1m for Adel when he left QPR as a free agent :lol:


Guy even negotiated a sell on clause.



Kia >>>

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These openload links never work

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These openload links never work



click download a few times and they do

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Sure youre not just tryna give my phone aids ?

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Aint tried it on phone but they worked on my work mac. Did get some chrome warnings tho ?

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Manchester United's player bonus scheme released by Football Leaks... including £2.5m for Premier League title win and £5.25m for Champions League

  • Football Leaks claims to have released a document showing bonus payments that could be made to Manchester United players in 2009/10
  • It appears to show how much their first-team squad would receive
  • It claims £5.25m would be distributed if they won the Champions League
  • There would also apparently be £2.5m for the Premier League title
  • Premier League 2015-16: See the latest table news, results and fixtures


Documents detailing how much Manchester United paid their players in bonuses in the 2009/10 season have been released by whistle-blowing website Football Leaks.

It appears to show how £5.25million would be distributed to the squad if they won the Champions League, £2.5m for the Premier League title, £1m for the FA Cup and £500,000 for the League Cup.

United won the League Cup, finished second in the Premier League and were knocked out in the Champions League quarter-finals that season, meaning total bonuses paid out came to £2.25m.



This is a copy of the document that Football Leaks have released, showing figures relating to bonuses


Bebe signed for Manchester United in 2010 for £7.4m and was eventually sold to Benfica in 2014 for £2.3m



Premier League

Win: £2.5m 

Runner-up: £1.25m

Champions League

Win: £5.25m 

Runners-up: £2.75m

Semi-final exit: £1.25m

Quarter-final exit: £500,000

FA Cup

Win: £1m

Runners-up: £500,000

League Cup

Win: £500,000

Runners-up: £250,000 

Football Leaks claims the document is the contract of Bebe, who signed for the club for £7.4m in August 2010.

Joining ahead of 2010/11, the bottom of his contract appears to include a section entitled 'Player Bonus Scheme' which was effective from the season before.


It is also claimed the contract shows that Bebe, who made just two appearances in the Premier League, was promised a £500,000 signing-on fee after agreeing a £900,000 wage.

United won the Premier League the season he signed and so Bebe could have received part of the £2.5m bonus pay-out. They were also runners-up to Barcelona in the Champions League, meaning he could have been entitled to part of the £2.75m prize for that too.


Bebe was sent on loan to Besiktas, Rio Ave and Pacos de Ferreira during his time at United. He was eventually sold to Benfica in 2014 for £2.3m.


It is also claimed the contract shows that Bebe was promised a £500,000 signing-on fee by the club



Premier League: runner-up (£1.25m)

FA Cup: 3rd round exit (none)

League Cup: winners (£500,000)

Champions League: quarter-final exit (£500,000)


Total bonuses paid out: £2.25m 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3435973/Manchester-United-s-player-bonus-scheme-released-Football-Leaks-including-2-5m-Premier-League-title-win-5-25m-Champions-League.html#ixzz3zZkWRdNk 


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Them fm bonuses there

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iverpool were allegedly paid £10m less for Luis Suarez than was reported at the time, according to a leaked report.

The document, which was published on the Football Leaks website, claims that the fee for the player's July 2014 transfer to Barcelona was £64.98m.

The club declined to comment on the leaked report which also alleges that Liverpool are still owed a final payment of £12.98m from the Spanish club, which is due on July 31 this year.


Under the structure of the deal, Liverpool received four £13m payments, with the most recent being made on January 31.

Suarez has been a huge success at Barcelona, scoring 68 goals in 84 appearances and has won the Champions League, La Liga, Copa del Rey, UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA World Club Cup. In three-and-a-half years at Liverpool, Suarez scored 82 goals in 133 appearances.



Memphis > United


Aguero > City


Bony > City



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Memphis Depay could end up costing Manchester United up to £34million.

The flopping Dutchman, who has only shown glimpses of his true ability since his summer move, has had his contract apparently leaked by the Football Leaks website.

It has been revealed just how United have paid for struggling Depay, including the extent of bonuses that Old Trafford chiefs will have to send to Eindhoven should they enjoy success on the pitch.

The true amount is slightly differing to the round-about £20million fee which was reported when he first signed.

Depay's move to United was actually confirmed two weeks before the end of the 2014/15 season - over a month before United announced the deal.

If the Red Devils were to make the semi-final stage of the competition up to and including the 2019/20 season, United would owe PSV a further €325,000 (£255,000).


Should United then make the final, that figure would become €650,000 (£510,000) and then €1.35million (£1million) if they were to win.

Winning the Premier League in the same time frame would come at the same cost.

But the additional payment bonuses have been capped at €4million (£3.1million).

So, in theory, if United were to win the Premier League and the Champions League next season - and every season until Depay's contract expired in 2020 - it would cost United a total of £4million and no more.


Memphis Depay
Costly: Depay's move from PSV could cost up to £34million


It was also agreed that United would pay PSV up to €5million (£3.9million), or 10 per cent the difference of profit, should Depay be sold on in the before summer 2020.

The leaked contract agreement does not clarify Depay's wages at United, but they have been alleged to be in the region of £90,000-a-week.

He has regularly caused a stir with his lavish lifestyle off the pitch, where he has an exuberant dress sense and drives flashy cars, including a Bentley.





Luckily that aint ever gonna happen

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what a life he's living

retire after his United contract expires and stunt on insta for the rest of time eating off of them affiliate links

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We got raped for Suarez


i need guys to be fired for letting that happen 

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