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Niall Ferguson

Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

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You saw Chip cos he was taken to Wiley, who projected him to us. However the same people who took him to Wiley took him to labels, backed him and made him a major label artist.

Krept & Konan too where placed at a label, everything they did was to get that deal, and the deal is why they winning MOBOs.

Stormzy I don't know his situation, I might go call and find out if I can be arsed but regardless if plant or not, he'll have management and direction from the industry. Arguable the same thing Chip and K&K had.

But yea everyones ultimate goal is to get a deal though Nah?


I think when we say plant we mean the label taking a relatively unknown artist and buying his/her fan base & buzz

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When a major label signs an act, keeps it quiet and supports said artist "natural" growth...

Is it any different or any worse manipulation...

To a major label telling an artist and his management what steps it wants them to take before they do the deal... And even giving them the framework and support of how to get there.

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Oh, he's an Adidas plant... ???

I was thinking this earlier tbh, doesnt need to be an actual label could be any company with a vested interest in him doing well

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