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Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

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Some great predictions there Nostradamus 

adidas shut down the forum and brought it back online in time for the album release #merky

Proper nerds getting mad coz he said the wrong word . I used to also think the guy was saying arms 'out' back in the day then my cuz told me the word 'arms house' . Tbf arms out makes more sense anywa

6 hours ago, dub said:

you mean Noel Clarke should have brought Adam Deacon back into the fold after he ripped him off and started sending for him all the time?

nah fuck all that

@dub @supermalt  really guys?? noel got him a restraining order locked him off and contacted adam to still take part in the film(mabey due to others stepping in or his own consonance)  , i heard somewhere  he had it all planned out adam would be in the film and noels part would have done with a standin body double ......deep so 

basicly  he hits him with a restraing order (i dont know what behaviour adam was doing)

then he offers yo a part in the said film hmmmm.... those moves 


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3 hours ago, QPR Dee said:

adam ripped off noel?

Anuvahood was Adam's film but fed off of what Noel's Kidulthood and Adulthood built. Noel gave him his blessing as long as he didn't title it "____hood" but Adam went on and did it anyway.

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nah Noel just didn't speak to him after, but then because people didn't want to work with Adam he got it in his head that it was Noel's doing and Adam started harassing him - or so the story from Noel goes

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