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Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

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I was fully expecting this album to be trash. But I can't lie... hes superseded my expectations. The album is actually pretty good minus the 2 singing tracks.

I wonder what the hardcore Grime heads think because this isn't a grime album. He has like 4 grime tracks on there but the better tunes on the album are the hip hop / RnB tunes.  

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Some great predictions there Nostradamus 

adidas shut down the forum and brought it back online in time for the album release #merky

Proper nerds getting mad coz he said the wrong word . I used to also think the guy was saying arms 'out' back in the day then my cuz told me the word 'arms house' . Tbf arms out makes more sense anywa

3 hours ago, Lionel & Dave said:

half way through the album and it's solid, even though i couldn't give a shit about his 'story'

beats are good

mad tho how the game been changed with the straight jack of these huge drake/kanye isms in terms of production, breakdowns and effected vocals, not sure how i feel about that



the Titch bit mjcry

Its a very drake-ish album. Good comparison.

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3 hours ago, Natty said:

Looool Mashtown have given up tryna fight di conglomerate


This album is actually good way more musical than I thought it would be, good production, limited amount of imaginary advesaries, switches from greezy tunes to deep tunes quite effortlessley 


I dunno, 5 tracks with the same content about imaginary beef is a bit much for me.

singing tracks were sheg.

Most of production is solid tho

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29 minutes ago, Young Bape said:

Why would the industry choose Stormzy to be a plant over anybody else? why didn't they choose Ard Adz, Margs, J Hus, Geko, Sneakbo, M Dargg? nobody can answer this question

Because they're not marketable and that was an incredibly poor list of names to mention.

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Just now, Young Bape said:

Why is Stormzy marketable? what in your opinion makes the industry execs think wow man this guy from Thornton Heath is so marketable? please explain nobody seem's to be able to

He's got a likeable persona for one.

What makes someone like Margs a good investment?



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