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Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

Niall Ferguson

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Yh but its not a handout

Its still a damn scholarship, I'm sure you still have to believe more exceptional than any other paying student. Thats usually how scholarships work, whoever they are targeted at

So hope them bantacunts remember that

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I like it, but I'm not sure the type of impact its supposed to have. If you're applying for Cambridge then you're probably not gonna be deterred by the fees anyway. Or you shouldn't be.

I guess it may increase the popularity of the school among the black community, increasing applicant numbers and thus perhaps increasing intake of black people.

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Just now, Restrictive said:

So many salty non black people??


Ha, literally posted at the same time. Notice how it’s always “what about white underprivileged students?” It’s never the Asian, minority underprivileged groups they care about being excluded. 

Tells you all you need to know. But I guarantee they’ll be the first ones shouting “what are you doing about black on black crime.” And then they’ll cry as soon as we create solutions specifically for ourselves.


Fuck ‘em!?

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