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Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

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Some great predictions there Nostradamus 

adidas shut down the forum and brought it back online in time for the album release #merky

Proper nerds getting mad coz he said the wrong word . I used to also think the guy was saying arms 'out' back in the day then my cuz told me the word 'arms house' . Tbf arms out makes more sense anywa

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Smh  at taking pride at being the first black British artist to headline


bet he told them “ thank you” after


blacks n the justice system, in my opinion the sentencing needs to be increased for carrying and using a knife 


but that’s just me





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No gonna lie, I almost shed a tear at that performance. 

Surreal. Our boy as gone clear. 

Hov intro >Chris Martin on the keys > David Lammy skit. 

He needs a knighthood. He as achieved more than any grime or black artist in the UK as achieved.  

Anybody that didn't rate that is a straight hater. .

Although his catalogue is weak, he did well. 

Bringing out Dave and Fredo. Fredo talking about dippin man on stage in front of a middle class all white audience. Inspiring stuff.

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Any of you follow the Drill ting? the music bangs so much so I trued finding out about these mc's they are absolute schizophrenic killers.CB just brought out a 4/5 album but he is doing a 23 year bird for shooting at bwoy demknow he must of been under surveillance. Same with SJ killed that wood green youth allegedly . this kinda stuff just makes me feel depressed,  Do they want out? I'm seeing bars then the actual murder reports on  what they are blazen talking about, that just hurts my head then Im seeing stuff that they have actual big trails and are locked up now. This actually breaks my heart have these guys been playing to much GTA. Man dem when you have your kids I beg you come out of London these guys are tapped differently. I just don't understand it. I love the music but cant promote that it, devil shit. 




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