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Possessing Naked Pictures/Porn while in a Relationship


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If Your partner asked You to delete Your collection completely as You're in a relationship with her and shouldn't be looking at other naked bodies, what would Your response be?


How would You feel about Your partner maintaining their collection of naked pictures of others while You 2 are in a relationship?



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Pics of ex-girls and girls in general, sometimes aren't about the girl, more remembering that moment in time.

Even worse imo, if it somehow has a connection to a family members death (which a nude wouldnt) then fair enough but reminiscing about the time you and your ex fucked on the balcony of a Turkish hotel room isn't a healthy picture moment to hold onto..


If you've got a private folder on your computer that no one knows about then cool but having pictures in the camera roll of your mobile phone (which was how I interpreted the question) is a bit too close to home imo and lol at any girl I was with allowing such a thing.. I would lose respect for her before she's even gained any

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