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  1. 1. With regards to Britains vote on leaving the EU. Will you vote to stay IN or get OUT.

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On 6/27/2016 at 2:07 PM, cambridgebanteer said:

Brexit isn't actually going to happen is it,  2 or 3 months of pain and probable some measure of irreversible damage, MPs will openly subvert democracy for the good of the country. What's anyone going to do about it? Fuck all. 

smh at anyone who thought a Brexit is something which could ever happen. THis past 2 years has been all a song and dance leading to this inevitable outcome, which is no change to the status quo whatosever. We are in an irreversible supranational cartel, trying regain sovereignty from this is like trying to extract the eggs back out of a cake. Only an idiot would even try. 

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17 minutes ago, Greens said:

Don't underestimate the "Just Get it Done" brigade

Don't under estimate the number of Brexshitters who have died between 2016-2018, just that alone probably enough to tip it the other way

Even though Brexit ship is effectively sunk  we are in the opening phases now of a cultural civil cold war; the provincial white indigenous uneducated populaces of England will continue to see their standard of living and level of unearned privilege degrade due to unavoidable globalization, automation and immigration from countries with water shortages and other climate change related disasters.

All of it which will be blamed on betrayal of Brexit courtesy of  urban elite classes 

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If may pulls this deal off, it would be one of the greatest political moves of our time. To gather agreement on something that majority of both parties are against.

Hope DUP keep this same energy when refunding tax payers £1 billion, if they are to go on strike.

As bad as this deal is, this is the best we can get. Best of the worst case scenario. Remainers should take this with both hands. 

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Looks like no deal is on the cards.

Eu negotiations done. Surley MPs will never vote it through

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