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Elijah Di trader exposed

Guest Blacksheet

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On 20/09/2016 at 3:03 AM, VENOM said:

you sound foolish. Keep your eyes on the road and stop playing look at my whip and youll be fine. 

for those of you who want to get mortgages etc,, you need credit unfortunately..good credit and this is the way to build up credit. 

once again another stupid black ignorance mentality passed on by parents about the money system in the west

i have a number of friends who were like this.. spending 5k on whips only to spend 2k fixing it after a year or two cos they were sold duds they had no way of finding out...when they could have financed a much better car for under 150/month and built up good credit for the future. 

now the same people are looking to get a mortgage or even finance to re furnish a flat, but have no credit history.

of course people will abuse car finance like anything else, but its a good step to build up credit that you will inevitably need for yourself or as a business. 

hun you are the foolish one living in your council estate with your primark mother driving a rental thinking you are prince harry you know how actual rich people laugh at you clowns 

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Guest Blacksheet
1 hour ago, Niall Ferguson said:


completely no idea about business at all


all I know about is dropshipping and FB ads tbh

uno dem ones where you never hold the stock or have never even seen the stock in ur hands and pay the supplier only when u get paid and they send the item to the customer and you pocket the difference 

I'll leave all you business theorists who have never actually set up any kind business in your life to it.


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