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Elijah Di trader exposed

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you sound foolish. Keep your eyes on the road and stop playing look at my whip and youll be fine.  for those of you who want to get mortgages etc,, you need credit unfortunately..good credit and

Heero why do you always bring chaps' name into shit? weird guy

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Quick google of the yout reveals this.



BE AWARE this is a marketing ploy and being promoted in the UK. The way they are making money is simple from charging monthly fees and getting paid for affiliation by the brokers who make money when his clients lose. There is a group behind the scenes promoting this person and the chances of him actually knowing how to trade are likely ZERO! If you have been scammed feel free to share your experiences here. Worse these news outlets in the UK are being used in the scam as its very obvious they have not done their due diligence at all. These are not master minds you are dealing with if they took the time and dug deeper they would incover an even more spectacular story of the GROUP behind the patsy aka Elijah Oyefeso... It is just so completely obvious, don't you have any good reporters in the UK?

Another plant for di list.

They all seem to be affs. smh 

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Think he means binary options don't give the buyer the right to buy the underlying asset, like a normal option. But it is still trading, but you can tell from the rest of the video the guy speaking is a bit young mentally if not in age.

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