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I have never ever come across a girl who has told me she is on her period before I come to her house... Never


why do girls do this?


why do they keep it a secret until you are in the bed tingzing her up... then she decides to drop 'im on my period'...?????????????


is it an entrapment ting because they know guys wouldnt come over otherwise?



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do You tell them up front that You are coming for sex?

and also that You won't have sex with them on their period?

if they're blatantly lying then fair enough

but it sounds like You're not clear what You're looking for and they think You want to chill and watch this week's episode of Empire which their period doesn't affect

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or maybe You don't have to say, but if You're going, having sex then leaving, they know why You're going.

if You're going, watching hours of Netflix and staying over and having breakfast, they think sex is one of the many things You're going for, and there is still a reason for You to go during the period.

and maybe Your women want bloodsports

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