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5 hours ago, Iceberg said:

TFs post ???

know them ones where shes just lying there all dead weight, try lift up a leg but shes pushing it back down

79 mins

That lazy beat bruh.

Don't knock it though, I finish what's on my plate.

Rip Casper/Roach

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shittest beat was this ting i had pusssy was mad hairy as well 

the hair was overlapping the puss so it was preventing entry 

needless to say i separated the mass of hair like moses and proceeded to pump 

puss werent mad wet but i was working with it for the nut 

was in a car and she couldnt arch so i had to keep forcing her back down with back of my left wrist see exhibit A below (shout out to wesley pipes/ j slayer)





beat was so so shit 

kep on having to push her down 

in the end i relieved my self of the dom to catch that nut (dont judge me) 


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20 hours ago, Cole Des said:


Me and the man dem call them tings lazy beats, we say Leona Lewis probably like that, anybody remember the film Kids, the Don at the end got that lazy beat of the ting that was sleeping.


Had a few ones like that. 

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22 hours ago, Cole Des said:

, anybody remember the film Kids, the Don at the end got that lazy beat of the ting that was sleeping.

you are one suspect dude , i have seen the film kids ....shes there tripping on pills or something and shes gone sleep(come down)  i swear he [email protected] her while shes a sleep  and you call that a beat???

thats  not even a creepy beat thats  rape ??

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lol this thread >

Fortunately I haven't had many bad sexual experiences, I get mostly freaks (the vetting process & pre match talk game is strong)..My new thing is tying up & blindfolding girls, it has been working a treat lately. Bought a few toys as well to try out on these girls, I've also been paying for mani/pedi's & high heel shoes (foot fetish problems).

I've had more dead head givers than dead beats, some girls don't know how to suck d*ck, those toothy blow jobs are pathetic.. you give me one of those and you're getting face fucked - straight hands on the side of her head & 20 seconds of violent thrusting

Love that story about the lad drawing the bird then smashing on the same day, those ones are the best. I've found with girls if they are comfortable & don't feel liked they are being or gonna be judged they are up for anything, but it's when their dusty friends are in their ear talking that crud talk or there is an audience, they feel as if they have to do the "respectable" thing. Some of my same day beats have been the best tbh.

Also the London underground is a goldmine for drawing girls, some proper worldies on the commute 

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On 25/06/2016 at 6:44 AM, md_dan said:

This could probably go in the venting thread cos that's what it is, and work & life thread, but it's most relevant here...

Went for drinks yesterday(Thurs) with work, people I mostly don't work directly with but could have to communicate with regularly on some occasions. Everyone was WAVED - It's a Thursday, 11pm, got work the next day, sensibly told my boys I was going home, they were leaving to go to a club, 2 girls tried to convince me to roll, said no... watched one of them walk off and get into an uber :ph34r: ... thought to myself what am I doing.

Half an hour later I'm in the club moving bossish, and getting out of hand, floating around the dance getting whines left right and centre, gripsing up tings(all from work), I remember getting a whine and droppin bars in someones ear for no reason whatsoever & even kissing up her neck at one point, like I wasn't gonna see her the next day in the kitchen making tea.

Later on ended up speaking to one ting I've only spoken to previously on a hi/bye level; lighty/asian oriental mixture, turns out Friday(today) was her last day. Very peng(8/10ish), I was like nah I need to do something, spoke for a bit, danced, got the serious slow front & back whines. Later on I was by the bar & One Dance came on, reached out & pulled her through the crowd made sure that was ME. Continued floating around but later was chatting to her pulled out my phone so I could chat to her after she's left the company, she dropped the number in calm. I was gonna drop call it but just said I'll do it later (error).

She said she was going outside to smoke while rubbing my arm. In hindsight, think she was tryna get me to come outside... but I was too waved to clock, I don't smoke, and I already secured the number so I wasn't thinking about making sure I've sealed anything (Thursday so I wasn't hoping to beat or anything along those lines), was like 'arite cool', carried on floating... Didn't see her again, she went home a bit after that.

Night was dying, It's' around 2.30 & I was still waved and working Friday so I left. Give her a missed call as I said I would. Fell asleep on the night bus, woke up later & sent some dumb message (or what feels like it): 'Just gave you a missed call it's Dan. Only on my way home now'. Sent it so she knew it's me from just the missed call, but a few mins after I was questioning why I did both a call & a message, and turns out the time between the missed call & sending the message was probably 45mins so it probably looks overly keen.

Safe to say I didn't hear back at 3.15am. Got to work in the morning, deemed it a failure on my part cos that missed call/message just looks dumb to me, so just deleted the whatsapp convo, didn't even wait for the 2 blue ticks. Never popped back up anyway so I was right... fucked that up somehow, after starting off well.

This afternoon I'm sitting in a meeting around a table on her floor, and she walks past, on her way back past she waves and smiles :-\ was expecting her to air man or something, but I just gave her the nod back cos I'm in a meeting anyway.

Hindsight again, if I was sober I would have just messaged her at a normal hour where coulda potentially had a normal conversation, she had leaving drinks today which I couldn't attend in the end but I did say I was going to. Don't feel like I'm in a position to contact again for any reason now after being aired once, & I'm not about that chasing life really. She don't work there anymore so I could just ask her what the deal is, but I know she's close with someone I do work with who loves to chat about other people's business, which is another reason I'm thinking I don't want to be looking mad eager for that girl to start talking shit around the office.

So it's just a write off for me now... but as I said she was peng so it's just pissing me off a bit at the moment, so I'm thinking I might as well holla at her one more time. Do I look like a d*ckhead if I do?


You're over thinking it.

Ask her out if out want to if she says no then fine if yes then go out with her. 

Its not that deep lol, you dont need to make perfect moves to secure a girl, if she's on you she'll be on you regardless a perfectly timed text ain't doing anything

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went shoreditch yesterday with a ting - link

got the white wine bottle

x2 of them


throughout she was stipulating im not gonna suck your d*ck (because the way i was suking my straw to drink my drink - she thought it was an inuendo... but it really werent)


she then said we arent gonna fuck... LIKE WHERE DID I SAY OR EVEN EXPRESS SUCH THINGS!?!?!? LMFAO


she said 'im not coming to yours, you arent coming to mine'


probably 1 hour later after shes spewing all this... shes semi groping me up in the booth - saying 'oh youre hard' - tells me to call a cab back to hers.....






in the cab driving down old st shes feeling me up.... clocking boss mans eyes 1-2 times.... im like ffs just carry on driving YOU PAKI DEEV



she wacks my c*ck out and starts bashing me off.... she then proceeds to put 3 fingers in her mouth to collect some saliva... and then she curesses the saliva around my d*ck and starts bashing me off



ja jaj ajajajaj jaja jajja jaja - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


whilst doing that she bobbing her head up n down sucking my d*ck - i said im gonna cum... she said NOT YET



10 mins later shes bashing me off and i said im gonna cum, shoves it in her mouth and swallows the load.....URGGGMMMMMM



go to her house now - comes out the toilet to the bedroom.... my d*ck hanging out - i went up to her lipsed her, through her on the bed and continued to pound her




what an eventful night

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