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Moving to girls

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JD that convo was ok.

Maybe you was cringing cos you just feel off in general.

Or maybe she was too tick, sometime a nigga get discombobulated if the ting is too fine lol.

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A beat can definitely be shit. You man have never had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting a certified non-mover. The frustration... The questioning... The self-questioning... The deev though

Reminds me of a time when this one link went clubbing and got wasted. She got so drunk she fell out with her friends and left the club. Just so happens i live down the road from where she was so

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5 hours ago, JOHN DOE said:

when i say bars  what i really mean is my convo

i feel like even the convo is forced/ poor 

went up to some ting i stratford 


me: hey u alirght 

Her: yeh...

Me: Just wanted to speak to you real quick not even going to be long baout it - your prettyand i want to talk to you propoerly - not here 

her im married (shows me ring) 

Me: oh fair enough congrats - have a good dday 


Was cringing at myself throughout the whole convo 


" your pretty and i want to talk to your properly"


when did my dialogue levels plummet?


But when intoxicated i finesse the heaux with my use of prose 







sounds like something an aff uncle would say

at least you were bold when u said it

i have stuttered which is 100x worse

the rust is real

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those bars are direct and straight to the point -


i never understand guys who use chat up lines... i mean wtf


just say yeah i came up to you because youre attractive and want to know if youre free this week


oh shit did i just finnesse myself.....................................

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PMSL them JD bars. May as well throw her a paper plane saying ye or nah?

After you have said Hi and why you've approached, you should Str8 up just ask if they would like to go out for a drink.

Anything else and you come across like some any yute especially if you're 25+ 

works most of the time , unless you're approaching immature tings the response will be bless whether its positive or not.


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1 hour ago, i5_PRODUCER said:

Depends where you are , more time you see piff tings on the way somewhere , that may not be an option.

If you are in a social environment, yeah that works.

Then you let her go about her business if she is in a rush.


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Never heard of anyone drawing a girl on road and going for a drink there and then 


Might work if you're working suited in the city. Otherwise I dunno about that 


I've had some awful sober on road convos. But never let it knock my confidence ator. I'd say it increases my confidence/arrogance if anything. 

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@Bane its something different its better than that back and forth nonsense over the phone


I don't know I am a guy who lives in the moment


@Thizz  your taking her to the venue it doesn't mean your buying drinks for her

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What I said about telling the chick your taking her for a drink right now and there only applies if your still into moving to chicks brazenly 

Like I said let these women move to you 

Never be hungry or eager 

In fact if you pay these women no attention they want you more because you will be seen as a challenge.

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Gotta have a reason behind everything you say....and by say i mean ask her...

need to find out if shes single/where she lives/who she lives with/where she works/when shes off.... From there you should know whether its worth proceeding 




straight to the point can work tho sometimes 



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can i say


when girls move to you is it a subtle one? like 'oh do you have a spare cigarette/lighter?' can that be interpreted as a girl moving to you would you guys say?


coz when i was raving i literally didnt pay no girls ANY mind... too busy cutting my hardcore shapes, yet i could feel SOOO many eyes on me i was feeling paranoid

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