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Moving to girls

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A beat can definitely be shit. You man have never had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting a certified non-mover. The frustration... The questioning... The self-questioning... The deev though

Reminds me of a time when this one link went clubbing and got wasted. She got so drunk she fell out with her friends and left the club. Just so happens i live down the road from where she was so

On 05/06/2016 at 2:03 PM, underwriter said:

na guys seriously


my flair for moving to girls has completely gone man ffs

i see a girl and i just overthink it


its not the fear of her  - its not knowing what opener to say


speaking to girls casually is fine, its just the opener which i always other think on

Say anything, even if it makes you look stupid, a wrong impression is better than  no impression...trust me.

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Guest Blacksheet




behind in the left

dem ones dere i dont even know why dons waste their own time......... if she dont drop dat phone within 10 seconds of me talking to her mi garrrrrrrn

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Guest Blacksheet

^^ WTFsdfgbbdadfbnnnvvdsawygvcxsaszcgfxdaassxgjnbczxcvvsdgfdssxd cgcsascvvdssssddfbkoyrwssddvvcsaDfggdsdvcsa


she is not taking his number I was there

there was a vip2 user there too

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