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My dad's in remission from prostate cancer. He found out he had it due to my uncle (his brother) having it. My uncles cancer has spread to other parts of his body so it's not looking good.

Thinking about it my uncle has saved my dad's life.

My maternal grandma has had it twice in two different places and luckily theyve been removed. My uncle (mums brother) died of prostate cancer about 5 years ago now and she feels it shouldve been her rather than her son :(

I have a strange feeling ill get it in years to come.


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When I was 17 I lost my best friend to Cancer, he got through chemo successfully but then succumbed to pneumonia. When I was 21 I lost my aunty to breast cancer, came back for a second time and reduced her to a shadow of her former self. Its one of the worst diseases because when its someone you've known your whole life watching them become a ghost before your very eyes i fucking difficult. JD sorry to hear you're going through it, my thoughts are with you, hope whoever it is pulls through and if thats not an option i hope this time you all have together is a blessing and a chance to connect.

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Shouts to Boosie!

Kaygee v sorry to hear bout your brother.

J best wishes to your pops, and stay positive, don't think negative thoughts.

Same to everyone who has been affected by this.

Hope Gunners mom's is kool.

Lost family friends, extended members, but no immediate family to this.

Does anybody feel like the body deteriorates more when you get bad news like this?

My cousins mum went from normal to bed ridden and gone in like 4 weeks once they told her.


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