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Young Bape

Van Gaal reign has been disappointing but what are the positives he has done i

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1. Signing Martial who will become the best player in the world at 1 stage and has been an exceptional buy. Signing Blind who has been a great buy 

2. Putting on Rashford who will become a top player

3. Getting the best out of Smalling and Mata

4. Changing formation from the out dated 4-4-2 to the modern 4-2-3-1 

5. Getting De Gea to sign a new contract

6. Getting big wins against our rivals in important matches Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal and overall having a good winning record against the top 6

7. Being able to get results when the team isn't playing well on the flip side he has done this way too much but this was always seen as a good thing before Van Gaal became manager 

8. Green lighting the Shaw and Herrera signings he could have declined but he didn't 

9. Giving youth a chance Lingard, McNair, Wilson, Blackett

10. Sorting out the defence after it was heavily critisised in his first season


Besides the obvious like getting to an F.A. cup final and potentially winning it and getting top 4 CL spot in his first season

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And I can see Man U losing against palace


seriously considering getting my toney on and defecting to solely West Ham. They've always been my 'second team'

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What makes you say Martial WILL become the best player in the world some day. Hold your horses bro. He has potential to be a world beater. It's a case of him realising that potential.


Good winning record against the top 6 means absolutely nothing when you lose 2-1 to Norwich 1-0 to WBA 2-1 to Sunderland 2-1 to Midget Land etc


Sorting out the defence? We still need a quality CB & RB. Shaws absence was difficult granted but the defence is weak.


He has had two poor seasons imo. Lack of quality throughout the squad attributes to this but we should always he challenging and we haven't for 3 years now.


I'm not one to say he should go, especially not for Jose (please God no) but the only positive is really the injection of youth and that's just what he does everywhere.


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:lmao: Midget Land

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Plus we had almost a whole season of that horrific 5-3-2 formation. Makes me feel sick thinking about it.

The only real positive of LVGs entire reign is that he isnt Moyes. Which ill be forever grateful for.

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Top 10 positives 


1) Jones on corners 

2) Rooney as a DM

3)Relying on Rooney to score 30 this season 

4) Playing Young over Di Maria 

5) Signing Schneiderlin as an #8 to play as a #6

6) 5 at the back 

7) Dropping Smalling for Jones last pre season, only Jones getting injured meant Smalling started this season 

8) Valencia 

9) Nick Powell our #9

10) Fellaini #10


Can't even limit myself to 10


11) Di Maria at lb

12) Di Maria as a striker 

13) Selling all our strikers and not replacing 

14) Selling Kagawa

15) Selling Nani

16) The captain shall always play 

17) No individual shall be picked on, proceeds to single out every single player bar Rooney 

18) Consulting Rooney on lunch menu and team selection 

19) Chasing a cb all last summer. Then playing the whole season with Blind at cb

20) Signing Rojo

21) Zombie football 

22) Philosophy 

23) Process 

24) Playing for 0-0 draws 

25) Two holding players at home to bottom half fodder

26) Adding to the lost records of Moyes 


I could go on till at least 50, probably a 100

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